Web development once consisted of creating static web pages viewed only through a desktop web browser. It has since evolved into developing dynamic web applications which engage users, consume external services, and integrate with critical business systems. Furthermore, these applications are expected to function well on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. As websites are required to do more, web development methodologies and technologies become increasingly sophisticated.


Consider a basic marketing site, which was once a perfect candidate for a static web page approach. This same site now has requirements that can only be met by a web application. Non-technical people need to edit, manage and publish content without knowing anything about the underlying code and technologies of the website. Certain areas of the site should only be available to certain users and roles (i.e. only a publisher can publish, only a customer can see customer pages, etc.). Pages must dynamically display and link to related content. The site should be accessible to disabled users and search engines, optimized for digital marketing purposes, and integrated with social media platforms. To top it all off, the website must provide a quality experience to mobile, tablet and desktop users.


Of course, most business web sites are more complex than a basic marketing site. They generate leads and integrate with business customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management systems. They generate sales through e-commerce, integrating with payment authorization gateways and business order management and fulfillment systems. They serve as a vehicle to migrate legacy software products to online software-as-a-service (SaaS) web applications, providing customers with enhanced functionality and an improved user experience, now accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or computer in the world.


TDK Technologies gets to know the client's business first before ever recommending an approach. TDK doesn't rely on a collection of cookie cutter solutions or a patchwork of third party modules that solve "similar" problems. TDK is a team of technology agnostic problem solvers, so clients aren't forced down the path of a certain programming language or platform.


Some firms create attractive websites, but the site may not fully meet the requirements, or the development might not be structurally sound. Other shops can engineer good solutions, but at the expense of a quality user experience. TDK Technologies provides the best of both worlds by delivering quality user experiences and well engineered solutions, custom built to the client's specific needs.

An IT pro who'll take the time to learn my business. Is that too much to ask?