Can your business use an infusion of growth? One critical area where many businesses lag behind is online presence. Developing an effective online presence closely aligned with business goals and objectives creates competitive advantage, but what is the best way to achieve this? Competing with businesses which have made a long term commitment to maintaining and growing their online presence can be a difficult task. However, look at it like this: your business has untapped online growth potential.

So, what can you do to actualize that potential? One option is to put in the time, money and research to establish a team in house. However, building an online presence, not to mention leveraging it to achieve business goals, isn’t something most businesses are equipped to accomplish on their own. Growing a successful online presence is usually not a good candidate for a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Going the in-house route while lacking the requisite experience, skills and best practices typically ends up doing more harm than good.

Outsourcing is usually a better option, but there is such a wide spectrum of options to choose from. Making the wrong choice could be worse than going the DIY route. On one hand you have outsourcing firms with an attractive price point who promise the world such as guaranteeing #1 rankings in Google overnight, taking competitors down at the snap of their fingers, and building a cookie cutter website which creates a great user experience and drives tons of leads in to your sales pipeline.  On the other hand you can invest more in a quality firm which can deliver a combination of great design, development and online marketing. Sure, you may spend more, but the return on investment will be far greater than DIY or cheap outsourcing efforts.

Ignoring the online phenomenon is not a rational option either. A business with tunnel vision for “what has always worked” is likely losing market share to a more innovative competitor. If you desire results for your business, then chances are you need quality web design, development and online marketing.

Quality web design and development converts website visitors into business results. It is important to understand that to design and develop such a site takes more than just web development skills. Requirements analysis helps align the look, feel and functionality of the website with the desired business results. Graphic and User Interface designers ensure your target audience will have the best possible User Experience. Project management helps ensure the project is well planned and executed on time, within budget, and to specification. The lines have blurred between website and software development. Web development has evolved from the static pages of the early 2000s to rich, interactive web applications which require developers experienced with the entire software development life cycle. Testers and quality assurance specialists ensure the website is bug free and functions as planned on all major web browsers. Think that approach is overkill for your business? Think again. Today’s web users demand that websites engage them in an interactive user experience and will quickly “bounce” from any website which fails to do so.

Even a business with an engaging and functional website is only half way there. Without effective inbound marketing, even the most amazing website will be nothing more than an online ghost town. So how do you cost effectively drive visitors to your website? Not just visitors, but the kind most likely to convert? This is where search marketing comes into play. Businesses who utilize search marketing tend to see dramatic increases in traffic, with search traffic driving 75% or more of all their visits. With the right targeting, visit quality tends to increase as well. Conversions and conversion rates increase. Return on investment goes up. Unlike other forms of advertising which are essentially consumed at an ever degrading cost/value, search marketing is an investment that continues to pay increasing dividends year after year. Search marketing is not only essential to successful e-commerce, it can drive results even if a business isn’t actually making sales transactions on their website. For example, TDK’s Search Marketing experts have delivered leads, product and brand awareness, and top workforce talent for their clients from TDK's website.

Good search marketing, web design and development should be inseperable. Search marketing must come into play at the moment the decision is made to design and develop a website, and infused into the architecture and content of your site. Search marketing also goes far beyond site architecture and content optimization. Like web development, search marketing has come a long way from the early 2000s, when it consisted largely of stuffing keywords on your pages, making sure search engines could spider your site, and submitting your site to a few directories. Today a holistic inbound search marketing campaign consists of extensive keyword research, information architecture, content recommendations and development, content promotion and buzz generation, natural link building strategies, usability and conversion funnel analysis, and managing a diverse array of search verticals spanning from local, to social, to video, to mobile and beyond.

In order to deliver maximum business results, search marketing must drive visitors to a site which has the ideal balance of look, feel, functionality and engagement. Both web development and search marketing are required to build an effective online presence. The diversity of skills required by such a project are not likely to be found in house or from cheap outsourcing. If you are looking to grow your web presence, and thereby your bottom line, contact TDK Technologies at or 636.778.1404.

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