Information Technology (IT) professionals trying to navigate a competitive job market need more than a lead to their next assignment. A guiding principle at TDK Technologies is understanding: Fully understanding client business needs and understanding what opportunity will best fit the needs of each IT consultant. Bringing those two together requires leadership that understands IT is ultimately a ‘people’ business.

“I've had a very positive experience with TDK Technologies. I have worked with recruiters in the past and none have satisfied me on all levels like TDK has. They establish a strong rapport with the client and it is evident that they work very hard on behalf of their consultants,” said IT consultant Dan Baumgart.

“In my career, I have worked for at least twelve consulting companies and I would rank TDK in the Top Two,” said IT consultant Mike Thornburgh. “First and foremost, Kristin Tucker and David Kocs, the managing principals of the firm, have been about as transparent as I have ever seen in regard to goals, aims, and finances.  They will discuss revenues, profits, and five-year plans with you.  You will even know what the billing rate is and what percent of it you will get.”

Transparent Communication

Communication is essential at every stage of the process. Before placement TDK uses pre-interviews with TDK Practice Managers and technical assessments to understand each candidate’s unique skills, professional goals, and personal needs. TDK also helps candidates through the job interview process. And after a consultant is placed with a client, TDK stays in touch throughout the entire engagement.

“TDK has undoubtedly been the most communicative and supportive of the several consulting firms that I’ve worked with in the St. Louis area. My representatives have always made themselves available if I had questions, and to check on my satisfaction and opportunities at my current assignment,” said IT Consultant Alan Tromp.

“I met Bill Courtney, Director of Recruiting, when I joined and he is a very forthright guy. I talk to Karen Doerr, Director of Operations, at least once a week.  Being able to talk to Karen and ‘vent’ when I was on a very difficult project at a client site really helped smooth out that experience,” Thornburgh said. “I have known Greg Shafer, Business Development Manager, for nearly twenty-five years and trust him implicitly.”

Benefits Available to TDK IT Consultants

The nature of consulting can often leave individuals scrambling to find their own health care and other benefits. However, IT professionals who work with TDK can take advantage of benefits the company itself makes available. And the consultants greatly appreciate it.

“They offer outstanding benefits. In my experience, other recruiting agencies either don't offer any benefits or their benefits pale in comparison,” Baumgart said. “I am very happy with my current placement and I am pleased to be working with TDK.”

“TDK was a stalwart champion for me during my battle with throat cancer. Short-term disability arrangements were made to keep me and my family going during my treatment and rehabilitation, and my client company was extraordinarily flexible and understanding about my situation. I really doubt there are many employers as TDK that would have been so compassionate in these circumstances,” Tromp said.

“TDK pays pretty well too.  Would I like to make more?  Undoubtedly, but I feel I am fairly compensated. And I know what TDK gets and what I get,” Thornburgh said.  “Finally, a quarterly bonus plan has been instituted and I am excited to see what that brings.”

The entire approach to IT staffing at TDK is designed with ‘people’ in mind. The company encourages its staff and consultants to play an active role in understanding and participating in the business welfare of the company. In that scenario everyone wins, especially the consultants and the clients.

“TDK is one of the best consulting companies with whom I have worked.  Give them a try and see what you think.  No matter what your experience, I believe they will be honest with you.  They have with me,” Thornburgh said.

An IT pro who'll take the time to learn my business. Is that too much to ask?