Enterprise Social Media Series: Researching Social Technology

Although early adopters of Social Media Marketing (SMM) will tend to reap the most benefits, engaging in SMM requires careful planning to create the desired business results.

Setting Social Media Goals and Objectives

Setting meaningful goals and objectives is a critical part of any enterprise social technology plan.

Social Technology Strategies and Tactics

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of social technology, a strategic plan for social technology must be carefully crafted.

Social Media Key Performance Indicators

Tracking social technology metrics is a critical component of a successful social media marketing (SMM) campaign. Metrics should be tracked and organized into monthly reports in order to gauge progress and craft strategy.

Social Media Listening and Participation

We start by listening and learning about the communities we wish to engage with, in order to ensure that our participation in those communities has the desired effect.

Optimized Content Creation and Buzz Generation

Creating a buzz around your content is essential to expanding media reach and engagement.

Topic Modeling Explained: LDA to Bayesian Inference

Topic modeling is an efficient way to make sense of the large volume of text we (and search engines like Google and Bing) find on the web.

Professional Networking with Social Media

When used correctly, professional networking via social media can unlock many doors and create valuable opportunities for professional development and advancement.

The Silver Lining of LinkedIn Spam

Although many reading this are likely nodding their head in agreement and see ‘spam’ as a negative to having a LinkedIn account, there are actually several positives that can be gleaned from this.

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