Android Vs iOS

Whether you are looking to become a new smartphone user, or you’re a smartphone veteran looking for your next device, choosing the smartphone which is right for you can seem like a difficult task.

Most Common Web Application Threats

There are some common threats that everyone from the most experienced hacker to your run of the mill ‘script kiddie’ will focus on. Don’t let your web application fall victim to any of these threats.

Effective Software Development Teams

In this lean and competitive business environment, the quality of the software development team doesn't simply impact project failure rates, it impacts business failure rates. So what makes an effective software development team?

Enforcing Security in Networked Applications

Any server-side code has ultimate responsibility for validating everything that enters the system, in particular, security credentials.

Mobile Development - Web, Hybrid, or Native?

Effectively reaching your mobile audience is no longer as simple as selecting your target platform, developing the app and deploying. Increased emphasis is required during the planning phase of the project.

JAAS: Java Authentication and Authorization Service

JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) is a higher-level framework whose main purpose is to factor out authentication and authorization concerns from the rest of the application.

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Businesses use data mining techniques to identify potentially useful information in their data, in order to aid business decision making processes. Machine learning is utilized in order to improve these decision making models.

Agile Software Development: Key Benefits and Best Practices

Think about the experience of building a custom home. Is the first thing you see a completed structure, fully decorated and landscaped? Of course...

Application Containers: Transforming Software Development as We Know It

A revolution of sorts is playing out in Linux based software development. Application containers are tools that allow software to run in an...

Understanding Your Business: TDK Clients

TDK puts a special emphasis on learning the details about client goals, capabilities and processes – as well as the immediate need at hand. Founders David Kocs and Kristin Tucker explain the value of asking great questions.

Security (or Not) Through Obscurity

Is that key you hid in the flower pot next to the front door going to keep a burglar from breaking into your house? Or is that list of passwords...

Making Retrospectives Effective

An Agile retrospective is a meeting that's held at the end of an iteration where the team reflects on what happened in the sprint and identifies actions for improvement going forward.

Earning Trust and Demonstrating Value: The Importance of Great Communication

There is a lot at stake when companies engage a consulting firm to deliver an important project, especially if the two sides have never worked...

First Things First: Software Prototypes Lead to Successful Development Projects

Prototypes are the first visual versions that move concepts described in words on a page to something that everyone associated with the project - especially the project owner and end users - can see, feel, and dissect.

Software Development Using .NET Core

.NET Core is a general-purpose, modular, cross-platform and open source implementation of .NET. It's going to take time to mature. And as it matures, it’s going to find the niches where it works best.

Server-side Applications: The Swift Options

The Swift programming language took development for Apple’s MacOS and iOS by storm after being initially rolled out.

DevOps: Improving How IT Gets Done

At the heart of successful DevOps organizations, you will find shared responsibility, increased collaboration and a willingness to change.

Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words? Visual Tools and Techniques to Enhance Requirements Understanding

Traditionally, outlining requirements for software development projects involved words. Lots and lots of words. Variations over time included...

Design Thinking – Where Empathy and Innovation Meet

The old saying that you should ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’ to understand what they are going through is really the...

Angular Universal: Moving Toward Better Web Apps

Angular Universal facilitates web crawlers (SEO), improves performance on mobile and low-powered devices, and shows the first page quickly.

Enhancing Value: How Lean Six Sigma Complements Agile Software Development

Lean methodologies streamline a process by reducing waste and eliminating unnecessary steps. A Six Sigma approach is added to the mix to specifically look at reducing defects to more effectively solve problems.

Message Brokers: Translators for the Digital Age

A Message Broker is really a translator. It’s a computer program module that sits between the messaging protocol of the sender and the messaging protocol of the receiver.

Key Elements of Scrum: The Framework that Makes Agile Software Development Tick

Agile software development is an iterative approach to developing working software quickly.

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