Delivering an enduring track record of sustained growth, in an industry that is arguably the most rapidly evolving of all, requires a unique combination of capabilities. That is the primary reason TDK Technologies, which has been serving the Information Technology needs of the St. Louis region for 15 years, is able to consistently deliver projects that actually solve client problems – on time and on budget.

Unlike many IT consulting companies, TDK is owned and managed by IT professionals with a business-first approach to problem solving. TDK puts a special emphasis on learning the details about client goals, capabilities and processes – as well as the immediate need at hand. This takes a little more time at the front-end. But as founders David Kocs and Kristin Tucker explain in this short video, the results are well worth it.

Clients notice. Here are some comments many were gracious to share from recent post-project surveys:

  • TDK does a great job of partnering with us.  They understand our business and our systems as well.
    • Global Financial Services Leader
  • Professionalism. Very upfront and candid with outlining current situation and needs in a manner that would assist the organization in taking action.
    • R. Scott, The Children’s Factory
  • Working with TDK was a very good experience.  I was pleased with their flexibility with working directly with our partners to resolve our issues and find solutions to our problems.
    • R. Krueger, SGC Foodservice
  • Ability and willingness to partner with us i.e. understand our business, understand our processes and work with us through ups and downs to maintain consistent resources.
    • Global Financial Services Leader
  • Very professional execution including all levels of the staff. Fixed bid option was GREAT. BA was well versed. Helped create a great solution. This enabled our IT staff to be very "hands off" and let TDK handle this implementation. Appreciated that we did not have to do a lot of hand holding.
    • A. Shau, Suddenlink
  • Completing project in a timely manner, on point regarding content, and within budget.
    • T. Wohlgemuth, SGC Foodservice

There are many IT consulting firms available to companies large and small. We invite you to contact TDK to learn more about what we can do for you. Join our long list of customers who know that TDK stands for IT experience delivering business results.

An IT pro who'll take the time to learn my business. Is that too much to ask?